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Inspiring a Better Healthcare System

Inspiring a Better Healthcare System

Rabito Clinic is the leading dermatology facility in Ghana, serving clients across the Africa continent and the largest asset of Africa Health Holdings.

We are known as the Skin Experts.. Through Rabito Clinic’s telemedicine platform, MyCareMobile, we are able to provide services to patients globally. Rabito is focused on quality service delivery at affordable costs and does this through its chain of 17 active branches across Ghana.

Our services include Dermatology, General Medicine, Gynecology and Neurology. Our Pharmacies and Laboratory Centers are open to the public. Rabito’s focus on excellence has earned it approval from the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and the Health Facility Regulatory Agency (HeFRA).

As we increase our footprint, we are also working on expanding our service offering to include Pediatrics, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Ear, Nose and Throat services.

Established in 1974 by Prof. Edmund Nminyem Delle after his return from Italy where he obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree, Rabito clinic has 46 years of experience in providing dermatological and general medical services. The clinic was named after the founder’s academic mentor, Professor Calegero Rabito, who was then the Director of Dermatological Clinic in the University of Padua, Italy. Accredited by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council, and the Health Facility Regulatory Agency of the Ghana Health Services, Rabito Clinic currently has seventeen (17) branches throughout the country with its headquarters in Osu, behind Koala Shopping Centre in Accra. In addition to our telemedicine platform called MyCareMobile, Rabito provides dermatology, general medicine, gynecology, neurology, laboratory and pharmacy services.

Africans are experiencing a time of unprecedented transformation in the healthcare system. With an increasing population, basic human needs such as access to quality healthcare is paramount in ensuring a healthy and productive population. We at Rabito, understand this need and the current gaps in healthcare delivery, therefore, are well positioned in providing the needed care. Continuous research, improvement in our processes, implementation of cutting-edge technologies, expansion to reach more remote populations and bringing together the right caliber of professionals to brainstorm ideas and smart solutions, are some of the ways we are making a difference in healthcare accessibility. We are not just running a business but championing a critical and global need: efficient access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.

Vision Statement

To be a leading Private Healthcare Provider, delivering quality and affordable healthcare to all.

Mission Statement

To hire and develop professional healthcare practitioners who will put our patients first, develop patient-centered products, services and collaborate with key stakeholders in scaling up our operations and expanding our footprint.