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Quality and Compliance

Your healthcare needs, when you visit Rabito Clinic, is treated as priority and with utmost level of confidentiality. Whilst making available modern, state of the art equipment to facilitate your diagnosis and treatment proceedings. We operate on a mantra to ensure 100% compliance to all National Guidelines for treatment and go every length to ensure the full satisfaction of all our clients.

Rabito Clinic is utilizing SafeCare standards for its quality improvement process. SafeCare is an institution accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) (previously: ISQua) – to readily assess the standards of our organization and set the benchmarks in health care safety and quality. We prove our continuous commitment to you by using appropriate guidelines to standardize all our processes and providing high quality services to you, our clients.

At Rabito Clinic, we are constantly on a quality improvement journey and for this purpose, we have a department (Quality & Compliance) purposely set aside to see to the continuous delivery of high-quality service and to also prioritize your satisfaction as a patient.

Patient feedback is always regarded in high esteem here at Rabito and we ensure your suggestions and complaints are carefully considered and implemented to give you maximum satisfaction in our facility.

Rabito Clinic is duly registered and licensed by the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA), which operates on the mandate of the Health Institutions and Facilities Act, 2011 (Act 829) Section 11 (1 and 2) to license and register every health facility in Ghana.

The licensing of all Rabito Clinic branches in Ghana by HeFRA is an intentional direction taken to ensure all our patients are receiving excellent care, at every single branch of Rabito they walk into.

Working hand in hand with HeFRA and with our commitment to working with SafeCare, Rabito Clinic is here to ensure that all your healthcare needs are met to your highest expectations, whilst We Medicate and God Heals.